"Welcome to the St. Margaret’s Bay Chamber of Commerce.  Our organization was formed to support the many businesses surrounding the Bay area and to represent them in promoting their many unique ventures. We have been around for close to a decade and invite you to join us to participate in some of the many opportunities we offer.”

Keith Ayling, President

Jeremy Zwicker, Director
TD Bank, 902-826-3106
Sharon Jessup Joyce, Communications
Shannon Shields, Web Coordinator
Body Honour Products, bodyhonour.ca

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Board of Directors

Keith Ayling, President
Keith R. Ayling Lease Consulting Services

Mitchell McDade, Vice-President
Farrow Hicks Law 902-820-3555
Cailin MacLennan, Treasurer
Bluenose Accounting 902-820-8000
Amanda Lutz, Secretary
Kennedy Schofield Lutz Lawyers 902-826-9140 ext 3

About Us

Reflecting the nature of our area, our Chamber members provide residents and visitors alike with a friendlier and more personal level of service – all at a gentler pace. Created in support of our local businesses, and with the communities’ wellbeing at heart, our members EAT, SHOP and SUPPORT LOCAL and we invite you to join us!

Chamber Chatter will resume as COVID-19 situation improves.

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Richard Learmonth, Director
The Masthead News 902-456-4177
Simone Spence, Director
Sun Life Financial 902-229-9837
Andrew White, Director
Platinum Physiotherapy 902-820-2777

The Chamber Chatter: