Happy Holiday's From Bay Rides!

The trusty BayRides reindeers are getting ready to help out with the annual Christmas Dinner at the Royal Canadian Legion in Seabright on Saturday, December 8th. They will start by delivering the turkeys to the expert cooks at the Legion. BayRides reindeers will also be providing free transportation for seniors attending the Christmas Dinner. In addition, all meals delivered directly to seniors’ homes will include a BayRides voucher.

The holiday season is a very busy time for the BayRides reindeers, so it is best to book at least a week in advance. There will be no service on December 25th, 26th or on New Year’s Day. For further details on holiday hours or to book a ride please call 902-820-6600 or email dispatch@bayrides.ca.

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New at St Margaret's Bay Massage Therapy - www.baymassage.ca
Erica Blackburn has added another modality to her already incredible treatments:
Welcome to the season of warm sweaters, hot cups of cider and giving!!  
I am looking forward to sharing a gift with you!
 I recently became certified in Energetic Lymphatic Drainage (ELD). I will be integrating this specialty treatment into my Mind-Body Balancing, Reiki and BodyTalk practice at St. Margret's Bay Massage Therapy Clinic. 
 For December 2018 & January 2019 I am offering the ELD service at a 50% discount for a 60-minute session.  
What is Energetic Lymphatic Drainage (ELD)? 
The body-mind-spirit is a dynamic unit. The body is meant to be in motion. This includes the fluid that surrounds your cells. ELD assists the body in releasing waste so that oxygen and nutrients can enter your cells. 
Imagine having a closet full of clothes. No more can be put in, and it is challenging to get the clothes in the closet out. ELD clears space at a cellular level so that what the cells need can easily get in, and what the cells do not need can easily get out. It removes congestion at the interstitial level of the body.
ELD engages the subtle senses in a non-invasive and relaxing treatment that treats the upper body and lower body. 
ELD can be performed on the body while clothed, or off the body while clothed, resting on a massage table.
What are the benefits of ELD?
Reduction of swelling, Decrease in joint pain, Weight loss, Increase in energy, Sinus drainage, Regulation of bowel movements, Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, Detoxification/Purification, Emotional release